Lyca Gnanam Village

  • 2017-04-09

Following Gnanam Foundation’s successful track record of support to vulnerable and displaced communities across Sri Lanka, Lyca Gnanam Village will provide significant assistance to Sri Lanka’s displaced Tamil community, helping to support resettlement and reconciliation efforts across Sri Lanka.

Lyca Gnanam Village is a 300 million Rupees, high quality settlement project providing homes for 600 internally displaced people in the north of Sri Lanka.

Lyca Gnanam Village is a long term, sustainable development project that will provide the community with a platform to significantly improve their quality of life and become independent and self-sufficient.

The development provides the local community with 150 homes across two sites in Vavuniya district, one 68 residence community based in Sinnadampan; and one 82 residence community near to Parasankulam.

Lyca Gnanam Village is well connected by road and public transport to nearby local schools and amenities and a UNICEF-funded health centre. A bus service will be provided by local government to transport residents to work in nearby towns and villages. Lyca Gnanam Village has been constructed with support from the Sri Lankan government and international NGOs.