February 2014-Lyca's Gnanam Foundation has multiple projects in Sri Lanka, mainly working to improve the lives of underprivileged children implemented through Sivan Arul Illam

  • February 2014
The projects that we have been involved in and have initiated and supported include

The ongoing funding of 585 orphans in Sri Lanka. We provide these children with an education and provide them with safe and secure housing. It is imperative that these children feel that they have the opportunities to excel and to have high ambitions in order for them to be successful in their futures.

In addition we are providing underprivileged families livelihood assistance in the form of distributing fishing nets, agricultural equipment and computers. It is important to us that these families are self-sustaining after the initial assistance that we are providing. Our aim is that each family that we are assisting have the skills and the equipment in order to support their families long-term.

Additionally we have been funding boarding school places in Canagaratnam Madya Maha Vidyalayam School situated in Jaffna. We have been providing the school and for 100 children. This is a school that specialises in gifted children so, ensuring that they are given appropriate training in order to progress to the best higher level institution with the great potential that they possess.