Gnanam Foundation projects in Sri Lanka

  • 2017-04-09

Since the establishment of Gnanam Foundation in 2010, the Foundation has undertaken a wide range of ambitious projects across Sri Lanka, helping to support communities across the country – including in Ampara, Batticaloa, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mulaitivu, Mannar, Puttalam, Polannaruwa, Trincomalee, and Vavuniya districts. Gnanam Foundation’s work has been conducted from 10 offices across the country.

In the past seven years, Gnanam Foundation’s programmes have seen the distribution of an incredible amount of support to children, families and communities in need across Sri Lanka, including:

  1. •2000 bicycles
  2. •80 wheel chairs
  3. •100 tricycles
  4. •2000 sewing machines
  5. •School bags for 10,000 children living under poverty line
  6. •School uniforms for 10,000 children living under poverty line
  7. •10,000 exercise books, reading books and writing utensils
  8. •500,000 pens and 500,000 pencils for school children
  9. •Many autos and tractors to help to many widows to start their own business.

Further, Gnanam Foundation has provided funding for:

  1. •Student Cash Grant Programme to support 10,000 students living under the poverty lines.
  2. •Evening tuition classes to further improve the educational outcomes of school children
  3. •Higher Education bursaries for 100 Sri Lankan undergraduates
  4. •Leadership training courses
  5. •Livelihood support programmes
  6. •Medical and counseling camps for children affected by mental health.

Gnanam Foundation has worked in partnership with a number of Sri Lanka-based charities, including Sivan Arul Illam, to support underprivileged children and families. The Foundation’s partnership with Sivan Arul Illam has provided opportunities for 585 orphans in Sri Lanka, offering education and safe and secure housing that provides a platform for prosperity.

The Foundation has provided livelihood assistance to encourage the long term self-sustainability of families’ economic security, with fishing nets, agricultural equipment and computers; and funding for boarding school places at Canagaratnam Madya Maha Vidyalayam School, situated in Jaffna, for 100 gifted children.

The Foundation has worked with the Children's Hunger Relief Fund to build and renovate 100 water wells in the Vanni District of Sri Lanka, where there an urgent need for access to safe and reliable water supplies.

Gnanam Foundation has initiated a Student Cash Grant Programme to support 10,000 students living under the poverty line in Sri Lanka. As part of this programme Lyca’s Gnanam Foundation Polonnaruwa District Branch distributed 100 student cash grant bank saving account books to the needy student population of Polonnaruwa.

The Foundation has conducted a wide programme of humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka’s northern and eastern communities to regain their lost livelihoods following a number of natural disasters and the prolonged civil war.

The Foundation supported a state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting system in Jaffna district, helping local communities to regain their lost livelihood due to natural disasters and prolonged civil war.

Following major floods in 2015, Gnanam Foundation distributed building materials to 285 impacted families living in Pommalrthan, providing the communities with the means to rebuild their homes following the devastation. In addition, the Foundation implemented a wide-ranging programme of flood relief assistance across eight districts, directly assisting 20,000 families in the north and east of Sri Lanka by providing food and healthcare supplies to displaced and vulnerable communities in need.

The Foundation has supported communities impacted by adverse weather conditions and climate change on a number of occasions. Gnanam Foundation water tanks representing a total capacity of 10,000 litres to the residents of the Kilinochi district in 2014, during serious droughts that threatened the livelihoods of a community dependent on agricultural industries.