In this life we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love.
We meet new people, we raise awareness and we develop new talent while learning from the experience.

Our Services


Support for Education

Education is the olive branch by which communities are able to modernise and break the cycle of poverty.

Here at the Gnanam Foundation, we acutely understand that literacy, numeracy and skill based learning for the future generations builds bridges and saves lives in communities that may otherwise be trapped in the cyclic nature of poverty.


Support for Healthcare

Getting simple medication and clean water to the regions in most dire need can prevent atrocities that steal childhoods and destroy families.

As clear a need as clean water and decent healthcare is, it’s sadly the case that a growing number of people worldwide are missing out on vital medication that could otherwise transform whole communities.


Support for Livelihood

Setting up a local framework that provides a safe community with the means to support and maintain itself establishes the prospect of a brighter future and builds pride in a community.

Whether it be


Support for Shelter

Shelter is more than just a roof: It starts off as a wall between a family and the unrelenting elements and in time becomes a place of emotional safety as well as physical. It is at this point that it becomes a home.